The region of Western New York is filled with enchanting, little details that are a comforting blanket for its citizens. Grain silos that loom over harbors, the scent of cheerios on a work commute, and a Football team that never seems to quit. Under the blossoming pleasantness of food and festivals are hidden truths buried beneath weeds. Truths that are begging to be unearthed and most of which were forgotten by those within the city of good neighbors.

Ive been inspired to create a series of semi-realistic grunge styled posters representing different lores and stories buried deep around Buffalo and the Western New York area. Stories of Pig Man Road, High Hat, The Lockport Imp, the Incident of 1920 and more. Discovering a mystery that was always there has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The works I have created here are an introduction of
Bewilderments that already exist.

The experience I want to evoke elicit from my posters is that of curiosity. My hope is that the viewer will be able to leave my show after seeing my work and have the itch to learn more. These posters give part of the story, but not all as I want to leave room to interpretation. The fun part about lore is that it changes after each person tells it. I have included access to the stories on the back of the take away document where you can scan a QR code. My hope that my work elicits a sense of curiosity in the viewer.

Learn more about the stories here